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February 3, 2019

Welcome to our Rio de Janeiro and Buzios, Brazil Itinerary. 

We have lodging, activities, restaurants, beaches, and hikes to tell you about!!

Let's start with Rio de Janeiro.


1. We stayed in a lovely Airbnb (link: here)

Here is a first-time Airbnb user discount c...

October 10, 2018

My journey.

Recently I have been asked many questions about what my skincare routine looks like, since my skin is "so clear". I have had acne from the age of 13, and I have not been able to get rid of it until I turned 20. I tried all the leading brands of skincare prod...

March 6, 2018

Imagine living in pure darkness after the sun goes down, the only source of light until sunrise being the moon (or candles-- if you have the money).

You have no way to cook, study, do laundry, etc. If a woman goes into labor at night, the midwives bring candles to deliv...

March 6, 2018

Photos by Annie Little Photography

 Hi there!! Welcome. I just got back from my trip to Livingstone, Zambia, so here are some tips for those of you interested in doing the same :) 

Even though I was in Livingstone for only 3 days, I was able to pack most everything...

December 24, 2017

Here are 10 everyday plastic items you can live without! There is a big problem with plastics and our environment, especially in our oceans. Looking for a simple way to help? Check this out.

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March 6, 2018

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